DST-37 Charcoal Ziegler (8’1″x10’1)

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Ziegler rugs are some of the more finely produced wool pieces woven in India.  A relatively new style in the world of rugs, each color within these pieces posses a striation of a similar but different tone.  This gives each piece an overall look of distress.  It also adds depth of dimension to each color and allows for competing decor colors to blend better with the piece.  The wool in Ziegler rugs typically is very steadfast and has a long life expectancy.  The Ziegler is similar to it’s Pakistani counterpart, the Peshewar.

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Style/ Type: Ziegler

Size: 8’1″x 10’1″

Origin: India

Color: Charcoal/ Ivory

Pile: 100% Wool

Pile Height: .38″


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