MM-11 – Persian Bokara

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3.3×4.7 Persian Bokara


Bukhara (also “Bokhara”) is an oasis city in Uzbekistan (former USSR). In the 9th-10th century Bukhara was the capital of the Samanides. Still in the 19th century Bukhara was the cultural, spiritual and trade-center of Central Asia. Located at the famous Silk-Street Bukhara always had contact with dealers and goods from East and West. Bukhara as a significant trade city of these rugs gave the Turkmen rugs of the Tekke tribe its name until today. The Bukhara rug belongs to the finest and most popular rugs from Central Asia. This also explains the numerous copies made in other carpet manufacture centers such as Pakistan or Turkey making the Tekke- or Bukhara design.

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