MM-413 – Turkish Bergama

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3.7×5.7 Turkish Bergama


Bergama is a Turkish city in West Anatolia (province of Izmir) and has been built next to the Pergamon. Bergama has an old tradition as a carpet making region. The oldest Bergama rug known to us is from the 15th century and is being diplayed in a museum in Istanbul. Bergama rugs are also known to be immortalized in paintings by Dosso Dossi (Florence) and Rubens. Today there are carpets being made in Bergama which mainly picked up either the Caucasian designs (geometric) or the Turkish ones (rather floral). The wool of Bergama rugs mainly comes from own raising. Many beautiful Kilims have their origins in Bergama, most of them with the Mihrab design (prayer rug).

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